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Your support helps us ensure that every child has the best chance to succeed when he/she enters kindergarten. 

1. Brain Bags -literacy kits for every new mom at all three birthing hospitals in Escambia County before they leave the hospital.

2. Coordinating research with the Thirty Million Words Initiative

3. Parent engagement in the community with a focus on children birth to 3

4. Integrating learning into the external environment including public spaces

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About Us

The Studer Community Institute's mission is to improve the quality of life for people in the Pensacola Metro.

Research indicates that jobs and education are two areas that are key to a community's quality of life. Our research shows that improving these two areas are crucial to bettering the quality of life for all the citizens of the Pensacola metro area.

In education, the Institute is focused on creating Americas First Early Learning City and boosting kindergarten readiness. An Early Learning City is a place that enlists the whole community in building a culture of lifelong learning, including in its public spaces. It is a community that supports early brain development, parent engagement and school readiness for all of our children, especially those ages birth to 5.

In job creation and development, our goal is to strengthen organizations by providing leadership training, workshops, lecture series, symposiums and town hall meetings.

Our training programs offer meaningful skill-building opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, nonprofits and entrepreneurs. With more skills, business owners and employees, in turn, create better-run organizations that are better positioned to thrive, create more jobs and support a stronger community.

Our Key Issues

Early Brain Development

Parent Engagement

School Readiness

Training and Development

Growing Jobs


"On behalf of the Escambia Retired Educators Association, I can say (the Be the Bulb Early Learning Challenge) generated quality discussion as to how the Escambia Retired Educators Association can assist with readiness for our children."

Jeff Garthwaite, Retired Principal


"I am personally grateful to the Studer Community Institute for its continued commitment to the health and success of our community."

Theresa Chmiel, Executive Director of the Escambia County Healthy Start Coalition Inc.